A downloadable game for Windows

RAM is a puzzle and exploration game set in a enigmatic digital world.

Made by :

- Muko Vunda 
- Arthur Servain
- Matthieu Tholance

During our 2nd year of study at ICAN (2017-2018).

In RAM, the player embodies a digital avatar in a database to find information about his identity. Plunged into enigmatic environments, the player will have to explore and solve riddles in the form of puzzles to find answers.
The digital system will seek to block the road of the player by hiding essential elements such as platforms allowing him to advance through the levels. It will be up to the player to play with the revelation of these elements to progress.

Informations :

1) Use the arrow keys to navigate in the menus.

2) Demo & Game have no differences at all, it's the same thing.

3) Controls :

- Moving the avatar => ZQSD

- Jump => Space bar

- Hold & Place an item => Left & Right mouse buttons

- Pick up a File Key (special item in the game) => Press Enter key of the numpad and be proximity to the item.


RAM_Win64_Build 30 MB


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Достаточно необычно, но мне кажется, что в вашей игре переизбыток постобработки - не надо было прикреплять на камеру кучу эффектов, это лишь портить впечатления и не даёт оценить РЕАЛЬНУЮ проделанную работу автора по выстраиванию композиции. 

Впрочем, это распространённая ошибка, найденная в каждом втором проекте, так что ничего страшного!